Business ideas in Hyderabad with low investment

Last Updated on: 28th September 2022, 01:41 pm

When one lands in Hyderabad, the state capital of Telangana, one can immediately observe its bustling markets and various kinds of small businesses operating and thriving, apart from its status as an Information Technology hub. It is home to popular shopping malls, restaurants, pubs, cinemas and other successful enterprises.

Business is now flourishing on a large scale in Hyderabad with people coming up with unique business ideas and this article discusses some of the best business ideas in Hyderabad with low investment.

Interior Designing

Furniture production is a profitable business as people are constantly looking for new models of furniture and upgrading their homes with the latest design, whether for comfort or to raise their living standards. Interior furniture is a great small business idea in Hyderabad. 


Operating an eatery or a restaurant is one of the best business ideas in Hyderabad, considering the ever-increasing demand for restaurants and fast food outlets. Moreover, Hyderabad is known for its famous traditional recipes and people enjoy indulging in royal cuisines here, which is why there is a higher scope for a restaurant business to succeed in the city.

Car Rental Business

Hyderabad is home to various IT firms, and there is a constant demand for cars on hire. Hence setting up a car rental agency can help you build a profitable business. Make sure you understand the market well, before starting this business.

Digital Marketing Agency

Setting up a digital marketing agency in Hyderabad has numerous benefits on account of the huge digital revolution and building up a vast clientele would be easy.

Agriculture Processing

If you are passionate about agriculture, then setting up an agro-processing unit for processing natural agricultural products and packaging them for sale to customers would be a great idea.

Courier Service 

Starting and operating a courier service involves relatively little investment. As a franchise partner, you can also work with well-known courier companies. With a large number of offices in this city, there are high chances that a courier business would prosper.

Recruitment Agency

As Hyderabad is a busy hub for IT and pharmaceutical sectors, there is always a high demand for skilled workers. If you have good networking abilities, setting up a recruitment business would be profitable. This requires a low investment, and the returns are very high.

Providing Accounting Services

As many small firms in Hyderabad cannot afford a full-time accountant on their payroll, you can offer freelance accounting services hourly or on retainership, in case you are a professional accountant.

Tour Planning

Hyderabad abounds in tourist attractions and spots which is evidenced by large number of tourists visiting the city every year. You could build a business of tour planning and earn a lot of money, by researching and developing unique vacation packages.

Agency for Real Estate

Hyderabad’s real estate market has a bright future. The demand for real estate is on the rise right now. Starting a real estate agency in Hyderabad is an excellent idea if you have good communication abilities. You can begin your career with this best business to start in Hyderabad with ₹20 lakhs.

Food Delivery Business

Many cafés and restaurants are looking to expand their operations. You can either take orders from consumers and deliver food products cooked on your own or create your meal delivery service by contacting local food vendors. You can also partner with well-known firms such as Swiggy and Zomato to deliver services.

Hardware Business

With continuous expansion of Hyderabad, real estate projects are on the upswing, and setting up a hardware store would be profitable, as there is an ever-increasing need for hardware products.

Mobile App Creation

For those looking for tech-related company ideas in Hyderabad, developing a mobile app can be quite profitable if you can identify the demands of clients. Apps that sell groceries, for example, may be a major hit in Hyderabad.

Once you have successfully set up your small business, and are thinking of expanding your business, there are various lenders who can provide you with business loans in Hyderabad. You would need to have the necessary documents and decide on the purpose of your business loan. Many lenders offer unsecured business loans without the need for any collateral or security. This will certainly boost your business and its profitability.


The scope for exploring new business ideas in Hyderabad is endless and one need not hesitate to start a business for lack of funds. If one has the passion, then one can start any business with a low investment and then avail of business loans to take one’s business to the next level for sustained growth.

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