Business Process Management

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What is a Business Process Management?

Before You Want a Know What is a Business Process. You Should Know about What Is a Business Simple Definition and How to Start a Business. Then business process is a series of steps performed by a group of stakeholders to achieve a concrete goal. It is the fundamental building block for several related ideas such as management, automation, etc.

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Write Your Process

The Importance of Business Processes

The need for and advantages of a business process are quite apparent in large organizations. A forms the lifeline for any business and helps it streamline individual activities, making sure that resources are put to optimal use.

Key reasons to have well-defined business processes

  • Identify what tasks are important to your larger business goals
  • Improve efficiency
  • Streamline communication between people functions departments
  • Set approvals to ensure accountability and an optimum use of resources
  • Standardize a set of procedures to complete tasks that really matter to your business
  • Standardize a set of procedures to complete tasks that really matter to your business

The 5 steps of the Business Process lifecycle

  1. Define your goals
  2. Plan and map your process
  3. Set actions and assign stakeholder
  4. Test the process
  5. Implement the process Start running the process in a live environment. Properly communicate and train all stakeholders.

An example of a Business process

As an example, let’s consider the hiring process of an HR department. Right from posting the job opening to on boarding the employee, there are multiple steps involved in the process. Although this can very from organization to organization, a simple workflow might look like this:

  • The HR executive posts the job update
  • Multiple candidates apply in a portal
  • The HR executive screens the candidates and filters the best-fits
  • Salary and policy negotiations take place

Terms Related to Business Process

Business process automation is a technology-driven strategy to automate a business process in order to accomplish it with minimum cost and in a shorter time. It is extremely useful for both simple and complex business processes

Minimized costs

Improved visibility into processes helps zero in on wasteful expenditure. This way costs are kept to a minimum and savings are boosted.

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Business Process

Improved collaboration

Transparency fostered by BPM software boosts collaboration between internal teams as well as external vendors and buyers. Everyone is aware of responsibilities as well as timelines and bottlenecks.


Optimized processes enable greater agility in organizational operations. Minimized errors, bottlenecks, and duplication facilitate quicker turnaround times.

Improved productivity

When processes are shipshape, approvals are faster and information retrieval is easier. These benefits significantly boost productivity of teams.

Time to create your business processes

Well-designed business processes set up your teams on the path to success. Everyone is clear on their roles and responsibilities and work with a clear vision towards the end goal.

The situations when companies hired expensive consultants for designing business processes are fading away. You don’t want another person to create a business process for you when you are the expert that knows the in and out of your business.

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