How to Open a Restaurant in India-Top Complete Guide

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If you too are thinking of starting your own business, then opening a restaurant is a better option. There is a better chance to growth along with earnings. But every person want a know How to Open a Restaurant in India and earn lot’s of money. Today we are tell you on this valuable article how you can open your restaurant in India.

How to Open a Restaurant in India

Food business is most in demand business in India. According to a report recently there are better opportunities in the restaurant business. This industry has proved to be a hit due to the increasing demand for online food delivery. In 2020, the industry has suffered a lot due to covid-19. But, by 2021, the segment is estimated to reach $318 billion ( about Rs. 22.66 crore). If you too are thinking of starting your own business, then opening a restaurant is a better option. There is a better chance of growth along with earnings.

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Planing For Restaurant Business

When you thinking about how to open a restaurant in India, you should ready your plan for this.

Before starting the restaurant, know that there are many types of these. These include Veg, Non Veg and restaurant with Bar. After this, decide whether the fast food will be only or based on a theme. For example, Chinese, Continental or anyone else. After this, decide your budget. 7-12 lakh are needed to open a good restaurant. If the land is its own, then its cost can be reduced.

The restaurant should be a better place like Public Place, In a Market, Front on the Park, Near Malls and something there is a big crowed comes continuously.

Choosing The Location

The location is one of the most critical factors which determine the success or failure of any restaurant. The takeaway restaurant should ideally be in a densely populated area, keeping the target audience in mind. Accessibility and visibility of the area are also essential to attract customers. Ground floor shops, located at the front are preferred for QSRs and Takeaways.

Building Expense

when we are thinking about how to open a restaurant in India then, building expense is the most expensive investment to open a restaurant. There are two methods of relief. Take rented premises or own it. A good restaurant can be started in 700 to 1500 square feet place. If you have your own big budgets then you should buy your own land and make your restaurant.

License or Permit for Restaurant

Yes if you want a start restaurant business then you should have license or permit from Indian Government according to the rule. we also tell you hoe you can take this.

When you thinking about how to open a restaurant in India then, a business licence is also required to open a new restaurant

  • First you have to get food safety licence, which available from food department. For this, you have to prepare the entire blueprint of the restaurant, land rights etc, and show it to the department.
  • Second health license is also available from Health Department and Municipal corporation. If you open the bar together, then you have to take its license from the collector.
Insurance of Restaurant

Insurance is important for any type of business. Be sure to insure the place where you are opening the restaurant. Whenever there are problems with this, you are safe. Insurance can come in handy if the property is damaged.

Marketing of Restaurant Business

Marketing is an important part of any business. Your business success depends on how your marketing is. Actually, this is the way people can know about your restaurant business, its specialty and rate. For this, you can use advertisement in media, advertisements on social sites or use posters and banners. Social sites most important marketing in now days like Facebook, Instagram, Whatspp Groups, YouTube, etc.

You also need to spend some money on menu designing and logo designing, which should not cost more than Rs 2000.  

Restaurant Staff & Kitchen

The secret to a successful quick-service restaurant is often a great team behind the counter and in the kitchen. It is also the most expensive job after the number of employees and salary, building expenses. However, in the beginning, you keep few staff. As the restaurant grows, you move forward. Take care of their number and salary as well as their quality. Be careful when buying kitchen items. One should keep an expert with you. Take care of the second menu. It should not happen that wrong goods and crockery come, which costs more. It is also possible that you contact a vendor who gives you the goods according to the list.

Staff uniforms are a critical aspect of a restaurant venture that is often ignored. All the staff members must look good, hygienic and well dressed. You can choose from different types of dresses such as chef coats, smart shirts and t-shirts, and an apron. At the initial stage of operations, it’s ideal to have a low-cost uniform which will save the additional cost

Furniture and Working Capital

When choosing furniture, take care of the restaurant theme, the paint of the walls, and the outline of the business. It would be good to get this work done through an expert.

Also, take care of the working capital. After starting the restaurant business, small expenses are incurred for a long time. There is no profit in the initial days. You should prepare yourself financially and mentally for such situations.

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