Self Employment jobs

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What is Self Employment Jobs?

A self employment jobs individual does not work for a specific employer who pays them a consistent salary or wages. They are also a businessman, Self employed individuals, or independent contractors, earn income by contracting with a trade or business directly.

Self-employed persons work for themselves at a variety of trades, professions, and occupations rather than working for an employer. Depending on the jurisdiction, self-employed persons may have special tax filing requirements.

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Types of Self Employment

There are many Types of self employment jobs from home. Here we are talk about on a trending employment jobs.

If, You are also thinking of doing business along with your job then this article is only for you.

There are option for side business

  • Teach English Online
  • Become an Investor
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Blogger
  • Professional Speaker
  •  E-Commerce Service
  • Sell Royalties
  • Consultant
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Job With Self Employment

Teach English Online

Do you speak English? and you have a computer?

Then maybe the best self employment idea for you is to teach kids English.

This is a booming industry that pays well and is desperately needed in every corner of the world. Most companies that facilitate online teaching require a minimum of a couple hours a week. As the teacher, you’d be expected to lead the class for the student, but from what I’ve heard, most students just need to practice the English they learned in school. 

Become an Investor

Similar to real estate, investing in companies and living off their dividends or appreciation, is one of the oldest self employment professions in the book. Unlike in the old days, however, today a person with a little bit of money can invest in practically any company it wants!  Below are two different ways to invest, I recommend both but it will depend on your risk level. 

  • Mutual Fund
  • Stock Market

Social Media Consultant

You are under the age of 30, you probably have a built in advantage for a business like this. If you spend a lot of time on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Snap-chat, Instagram, or other outlets – you may be able to find some clients who are in need of a social media consultant.

you know how to promote events, products, and even concepts, using social media, then this can be the perfect business for you.


Do you have a topic area that you are passionate about? If you do, you could turn that into a business by starting your own blog.Thousands of blogs come and go each year, but the ones that offer topics in information that adds value to the readers tend to stick around. And they also tend to be profitable.

You can also sell your own products and services from your blog.

 Professional Speaker

Are you comfortable speaking in front of large groups? That’s a potential business right there. And again, there’s a lot of flexibility with this type of business. A lot of businesses are looking at presentations as a way to market their businesses.

All it takes is a few clients, and you’ll be on your way.

 E-Commerce Service

If you have ever sold anything on eBay or related sites, this could be a business option for you. It’s simply a matter of developing low-cost product sources of items to sell. eBay even allows you to create an online store that enables you to sell your products and services on a regular basis.

As you might imagine, an eBay business is not quite as simple as many of the proponents claim. It is a business in the true sense, and that means you’ll have to provide products that offer some type of advantage over to what’s out there right now.

Sell Royalties

Are you an artist? If so, you can use online platforms to sell royalties on your work. Whether you’re a photographer, musician, author, or graphic designer, chances are there are people willing to pay to use your photos, music, books, fonts, or logos. Shutter stock, for instance, lets you contribute images, videos, illustrations, and music, then get paid every time someone downloads your content. 


Sooner or later every business needs specific help either with an established area of the business or in taking on an entirely new function. As a consultant, you can come in and help them do just that. The advantage is that you will be coming in as a fee-based independent contractor, rather than as an employee in need of a permanent salary and benefits.

One of the best ways to do this is by offering related services.

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