Start Tissue Paper/ Napkin Business in Covid-19, Profitable

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Do you want to start a new business? Then this article will guide you for making Tissue Paper Napkin business ideas. Tissue paper is used in various places like hotels, restaurants, malls, homes, and beauty salons, but nowadays very common use of napkin paper due to covid-19 for safety.

Due to Corona virus, most people are focusing on cleanliness. In such a situation, demand for many things is going to increase. After the market open its effect will be visible. Demand for lifestyle Napkin Paper is increasing. Office, Hotel-Restaurant tissue paper has already made its place in all places. But, now it is also going to be a part of people’s private lives. In such a situation, you have the opportunity to start the business of paper napkins. Know how the government can also help you in starting this business.

Napkin Paper making Business is a very profitable small-scale business which will give high returns with a low investment. No big capital is required and only a few training’s will be required to start this unit manufacturing.

Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business is also called as “Paper Napkins Manufacturing Business”. It is a piece of napkin paper which is used for cleaning of face or hands because it contains the properties of the following: Hygienic, tiny and absorbent. These napkin papers are used mostly in the following places like hotels, parties, homes, restaurants, offices and beauty parlors so nowadays the usage of tissue papers has steadily risen.

Investment to start Tissue Paper Business

To start this business, you will have to invest 3.50 lakh rupees. if you invest 3.50 lakh rupees, then you can start this business easily. After having so much money, you can also apply for a loan under any Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (Business Loan) with any bank. If you apply for a loan, you will get about Rs 3 lakh 10 thousand as a term loan and up to Rs 5.30 lakh working capital loan.

To start this business, you have to spend about 4.40 lakh rupees on machinery, which will be a one time cost only. At the same time, if we talk about raw material then 7.13 lakh rupees will also be spent for it. If you talk about other expenses, then you will have to invest about 11 lakh rupees in the first time, including transportation, consumables, telephone, stationery, maintenance, electricity expenses, etc.

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Process for starting Tissue Paper/ Napkin business

·         Preparing a business plan

·         Training and practical experience

·         Business registration

·         Raw material and machinery buying

·         Costing analysis and research

·         Location required

Classification of Tissue Papers:-

The Tissue Papers are classified into 02 different categories and they are of the following: 

1.      Firstly, Consumer Tissue Papers 

2.        Secondly, Commercial Tissue Paper 

The above 2 different categories of tissue paper can explain briefly in the following: –

  Consumer Tissue Papers: The Consumer tissue papers are nothing but which are used mainly for domestic purpose. I.e. within the home the Consumer tissue papers are used 

  Commercial Tissue Papers: The Commercial tissue paper can also be called as “Industrial Tissue Papers”. These are mainly used for the following: napkins, facial tissues, paper towels, and toilet papers. So these are used in the following places like hotels, parties, homes, restaurants, offices and beauty parlors.  

How Much Profit on This Business

Due to increasing demand in the market for tissue paper, a very good scope is seen in this business. Today this business has made its place in the market. If you are also thinking of doing this types of business, then paper napkin business is a very good option. you can also take help of government in starting of business.

In this business, you can produce only 1.50 lakh kg of paper napkins in a year. To do more than this you will need to get approval and after production it can be sold in the market at the rate of Rs 65 per kg. If you produce 1.50 lakh kg of paper in a year, then according to 65 rupees your turnover will be about 97.50 lakh rupees. If you are remove all your expenses from this, then you can save up to 10 to 12 lakh rupees in a year.

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