Work From Home Jobs-2020-21

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Work from home jobs, Now everyone searches this word on google because this year 2020 not good for everyone mostly salary based employers due to COVID-19 crisis. COVID-19 crisis crate a new opportunities for everyone. Top economists are predicting the worst recession since the Great Depression. Now everyone searching a new online work which they are do from home and earn income.

Work from home‘ this is the keyword that is being searched most on Google in India.  According to the report of a business firm, more than 6 thousand people search this word every day to earn from home.  If you also do such a business, which is based on online projects, then you too can earn online.

You must be keen to know about new opportunities and future business trends before they pass by. To help you, I have shortlisted many Future Business Ideas. These business ideas are shortlisted based earning potential, increasing popularity usage, and impact on the quality of life. 

We have already quality Articles work from home jobs you can read below the list.

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Types of work from home jobs

  • Personal Finance Advisor
  • Application Software Developers
  • Online Accountant
  • Graphic Designer
  •  Market Research Analysis
  • Online Gaming
  • Blogging

1. Personal Finance Advisor

 This is a work that you can do from anywhere.  All you need is a computer.  From opening your office to working on a project basis for companies, this work is involved.  In this, you have to meet the client, travel and attend the conference.  Additionally, clients can also be given financial advice.  For this, some financial forces work online.  It can earn up to 27 thousand rupees per month. 


 To join a virtual task company or start your business, you must have a professional degree.  This work depends on good creative skills.

2. Application Software Developers

 New features, phones, computers, laptops, tabs are constantly launched.  In such a situation, the work of new apps and software developers is in demand.  If you are a professional in this matter, then your business may take four moons.  Money can be earned through online app development.  Some companies offer such projects. Through this, you can earn 20 to 30 thousand rupees every month


Virtual Task is most important for this task to generate creative skills, new software development ideas, new application design and programs, features.

3. Online Accountant

The work of online accountant is also in demand these days.  By opening your office, you can tie up with companies and handle their accounts.  Even at home, you can manage a company’s account online.  In lieu of this, you can earn 15 to 20 thousand rupees every month. 


For this virtual task, you should know some accounting software.  Many accounting software is available online, help can also be taken from here.

4. Graphic Designer

Today there are many media houses, film and ad agencies, where graphic designer is in good demand.  Here you can do freelance work according to the project.  For this, the project can be earned from 10 thousand rupees to 18 thousand rupees. 


 You should know the software related to graphic designing and the latest software.  Only through creative skills can you grow your business.

5. Market Research Analysis

The market research analyst is in great demand in the corporate sector.  The job of a market research analyst can be done as a business or by tying up with a company online.  For this, you have to give data by knowing the opinion of the customers in the company’s product, quality and rate.  You can also make it your part time business.  By taking projects from companies, you can also get them done by yourself or employees.  Money can be made by joining companies like MHI Global, Orbitz Worldwide.


By doing research in the virtual task, the company has to provide data and feedback to the customers. Things have to be taken care of even when comparing the quality of the product to other products.  For this, the company also pays from 20 to 30 rupees per month.

6. Online Gaming

Online Gaming is most promising and among best future business ideas. People are crazy about online gaming. As per estimate online gaming industry is growing @22% every year. There are more than 35% online gamer across world and count of online gamer is growing every day.


Online gaming business is one of the lucrative business option. You can make lot of money via online gaming. You can make your own games. Alternatively, you can make sell games online as well as work as affiliate marketer also.

7. Blogging

Blogging is also like a YouTube but here you can’t make a video but add a video in a your blog. World have a many problems and mostly solution is internet. they are come in google and search here solution of their Problem. You can Write a articles here with your knowledge and experience and solve the problems of most of people.


When you want a start blogging you should have knowledge about blogging basically. You can watch YouTube videos to know about blogging. To start this home base work you must have a computer/laptop and also the

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